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M Ax Noi Mach

"On The Edge"


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Release: 2016
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M Ax Noi Mach - On The Edge LP

Philadelphia native and arch noise provocateur M Ax Noi Mach, aka Robert Francisco. Recorded once again with the help of Arthur Rizk (Prurient, Power Trip, Cold World, etc) at Salomons Gate in 2014, this new record chronicles some of M Ax Noi Mach's heaviest, most intense recordings to date; their minimal, bare immediacy comes from primal desires brought to a boiling point. Musical touchstones on this 8-track album move from Nurse With Wound through Prurient and SPK. It's an unholy, clamorous din spewed up from the bowels of hell.
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1.Walking At Night
3.Second Glance
4.Material Obsession
5.Tender Sin
7.American Child
8.White Heat