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Maeror Tri

"Peak Experience (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2014
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Maeror Tri - Peak Experience (Limited Edition) CD

Limited Deluxe Digibook edition of strictly 250 copies!

This is the re-release of the 1st official album by this cult drone band, in a special Deluxe 25 yearsAnniversary Edition!

On "Peak Experience", the masters of guitar-oriented Drone music were still quite noisy and ex- pressive. Industrial collages break through the already recognizable transcendental drone to blowyou out.

Recorded in December 1988,"Peak Experience" ...
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Label:Infinite Fog
1.My Electrocution
2.Sneaking Movement
3.Sensory Deprivation
4.Cursed Colours
5.Boundary To Insanity 5 (White Noise In My Head)
6.Talita Kum!
7.Translucent Vault
9.The Threat
10.Endless Space
11.The Last Perception