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Magic Sword



Veröffentlichung: März 2020
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Magic Sword - Endless CD

- Recommended If You Like: Nightfist, DragonForce, S U R V I V E, Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter, Daft Punk & The vast world of Marvel. Magic Sword is an ageless tale of good and evil, told through an ever-expanding graphic novel story and accompanying synth-heavy soundtrack albums. With the two mediums intertwined from it's conception, together they are an epic experience for those bold enough to bear witness and come away with a deeper understanding of the ultimate hero's journey. Armed with a musical and visual aesthetic that has it's roots unabashedly buried deep in the golden era of 70s and 80s fantasy and sci-fi, its followers are called to another plane of existence where the struggle between light and shadow become all too real. Endless is the third and final chapter in the tale of the search for the Chosen One. This prophesied being contains the ability to wield the power of the Magic Sword and seal the prison that holds the Dark One for all eternity. Only then will The Keeper, The Seer, and The Weaver be able to rest. Until the Chosen One reveals themself, the search continues in this realm and in many others. In what form will the Magic Sword manifest? A tale of high adventure as old as time itself. The Immortals give a direct account of their vision: "Ages ago, the immortal Dark One was freed from his cell. Since that time, the forces of good have been searching for the Light, the Chosen One, to force him back into his eternal prison. The key to unlock this cell is the Magic Sword. When wielded by the Chosen One, it has the power to return balance to the Universe." The Keeper of the Magic Sword is an ancient soul who searches endlessly for the Chosen One. With the help of other immortals, The Seer and The Weaver, they are ever trying to stem the tide of the Great Shadow from engulfing all life. When the need is great, they appear with the Magic Sword and a high stakes proposition for those who are pure of heart, perpetually hoping that their search is finally over.
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1.Depths Of Power
5.Shores Of Oblivion
9.A New Quest