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Release: 2016
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Mantus - Refugium CD

It is always easier to look away. To suppress the truth instead of facing it. Ugly facts like these have turned the world into a barren place, have turned humanity into a disease swelled by resentment, malevolence and jealousy. Yet, they prepare the ground for artists like him: Martin Schindler, a uniquely abyssic poet in a genre rich in apocalyptic weaponry. A restless figure like him is not untouched by the madness this world has come to. Because he doesn't look away. Because he doesn't suppress anything. It doesn't get easier by this, that's for sure. Still, it turns every new MANTUS record into a cleansing catharsis.

Yet, "Refugium" is different. Perhaps ...
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2.Zwischen Den Nächten
3.Niemals Genug
4.Das Wunder Des Lebens
6.Kampf Der Kulturen
7.Süsses Gift
9.Traurig Bin Ich Sowieso
10.Schliess Die Augen
11.Welt In Flammen
12.In Die Wirklichkeit