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Marnie Weber

"Songs Hurt Me (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2019
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Marnie Weber - Songs Hurt Me (Limited Edition) LP

Discos Transgénero re-issue the Marnie Weber classic first solo LP, “Songs Hurt Me” originally from 1989. This seminal record was an important part of the Los Angeles post-punk performative art rock scene. Brooding synthesizers, heavy bass, strange melodies, and poetic lyrics lead you through an industrial journey. These songs were born from Weber’s earliest performance art characters: a deer, an old woman, a manic courtesan, and a butterfly. Songs Hurt Me was originally co-produced by Phillip Drucker AKA Jackson Del Ray of Savage Republic and 17 Pygmies fame.

Marnie is a pioneer in ...
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1.A1: Songs Hurt Me
2.A2: The Passionate One
3.A3: The Courtesan
4.A4: Shanghai My Heart
5.B1: You Are Welcome On My Island
6.B2: Sweet Ravaging Time
7.B3: Falling Rock
8.B4: Everyone Loves Olga
9.B5: I'm Above Rock
10.B6: Songs Hurt Me (Instrumental)