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"Peek A Boo (Limted Lilac Vinyl)"

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Release: December 2017
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Marsheaux - Peek A Boo (Limted Lilac Vinyl) 2LP

The much-lauded second album of successful female-Electro-Pop-duo Marsheaux is re-released as a limited lilac-colored double-vinyl edition (3 sides of music, 1 side featuring a classy etching) in a lavish gatefold sleeve.

Still handled as an insider’s tip with their first album “E-Bay Queen”, Greek musicians Sophie and Marianthi quickly established themselves as a fixture in the international electronic Pop music scene with “Peek A Boo” and became one of the most popular bands of the Female-Electro-sub genre. Breezy tunes, the minimalism of early Eighties Electronica and a big helping of girlie-charms commingle with a big modern production to irresistible club-compatible Pop gems. Now, this modern Electronica-classic is finally released on vinyl! The vinyl edition also contains a download code for a one-time download of the album as MP3.
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Label:Out Of Line
1.A1 Hanging On 4:21
2.A2 Wait No More 4:18
3.A3 No Sense 3:52
4.A4 Promise 3:49
5.B1 City Of Lights 3:35
6.B2 Dream Of A Disco 4:00
7.B3 What A Lovely Surprise 3:46
8.B4 Home 3:59
9.B5 What Don't You Like 3:40
10.C1 Love Under Pressure 4:05
11.C2 People's Mind 3:52
12.C3 Regret 3:56
13.C4 Heaven 3:47