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Martin Dupont

"Kintsugi (Limited Edition)"


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Release: February 2023
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Martin Dupont - Kintsugi (Limited Edition) CD

CD with SACD part (Hybrid release) in Digifile with gold hotfoil print! “Just Because…” it may be the name, again, of this Martin Dupont album coming 35 years after the third one as a Hot Paradox, but if Sleep is a Luxury the band is still awaken forty years after its creation in Marseilles. Once more Alain Seghir’s classy voice and music are surrounded by female vocals, impersonated by formers Brigitte Balian and Beverley Jane Crew, joined lately by Sandy Casado (Rise and Fall of a Decade, Cube-Like-People). The atmosphere on ‘Kintsug’ is filled of synth and loops, firmly held by Alain’s bass guitar play, enlighted by Beverley’s clarinet or sax, sharpened by Thierry Sintoni’s guitar (Rise and Fall of a Decade, Cube-Like-People) and conducted by Olli’s machines as the warrant of the typical MARTIN DUPONT sound. This limited edition will bring to everyone nine songs, newly worked out by the band’s new line- up as standard stereo CD, but also through the SACD part of the release , which offers a differently mixed high definition stereo version (DSD) and a special 4.0 multichannel version for those equipped with a SACD player (most of nowadays Blu-ray players are SACD capable as well as some game consoles). Icing on the cake, this release will see the band on stage again, with gigs booked in Marseilles, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Belgium and 6 dates in US from May 2023. MARTIN DUPONT is a French New Wave and Cold Wave band from Marseille, formed in the early 80s and disbanded in 1988. They were incredibly successful from 1984 to 1987 with 3 3 highly regarded studio-albums (+ a 7" and a Tape with early material), re-released in 2009 by Infrastition, and re-printed (in 3 different editions each) since several times. MARTIN DUPONT are considered to be among the most important Cold Wave/Electro acts in France. They have a massive Fanbase all over Europe, but also in the USA – partly also due to the fact, that their lyrics have always been in English language, despite their French origins.
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1.Bent At The Window [4.38]
2.No Hands [3.42]
3.He Saw The Light [4.10]
4.Not Such A Joke [4.17]
5.Top Of The Pyramid [5.31]
6.The Light Goes Through My Mouth [4.40]
7.Nice Boy [4.44]
8.Your Passion [3.55]
9.Love On My Side [5.41]