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Marva Von Theo

"Dream within a Dream (Limited Purple Vinyl)"


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Release: August 2019
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Marva Von Theo - Dream within a Dream (Limited Purple Vinyl) LP

Limited PURPLE Coloured Vinyl Edition.

Without a doubt, the most surprising discovery on this label so far, is this Greek electro duo, that already played – to great acclaim - all over Europe on selected Festivals and gigs. A possible comparison for this gifted dark electropop/trip hop act – if you need one – could be: Alan Wilder’s post-Depeche Mode project Recoil, mixed with the Triphop style of Massive Attack and Tricky, under a Jazz-female Vocal…

Style > Synthwave / Trip Hop

The Greek Electropop/Synthwave duo Marva Von Theo release their amazing Debut Album “Dream within a Dream” on the brand new Wave-sublabel Shades of Sound in two limited VINYL editions!

The 8 songs on MVT’s ...
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1.A1 Unconcern
2.A2 Secret Lover
3.A3 Fame And Gold
4.A4 Reaching The Stars
5.B1 What Is It About Me
6.B2 Cream
7.B3 Dead In Berlin
8.B4 Perfect Synth