InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann
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Release: 2021-08-20
Status: New release in 60 days
Massimo Pupillo / Marton Csokas / Gabriele Tinti - Embracing the Ruins CD

To inhabit/perform the poems of Gabriele Tinti is akin to the Sysiphian effort of rolling the stone, to be constantly thwarted in the goal.

However, there are deposits of gold in this mythic stone which reflect the light, like small facets of wisdom, wrought from the alchemical journey, holding a mirror up to Nature, including that of our own; our broken limbs, torn hearts, empty souls, or the pull of the mouth in despair of our efforts, even our victories. The threat of meaninglessness and it’s liberation.

His words wrestle with the ...
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Label:House Of Mythology