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Massiv In Mensch

"The Cortex Zero Effect (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2013
Status: Sold out
Massiv In Mensch - The Cortex Zero Effect (Limited Edition) 2CD

This version includes the remix-cd "Hands On Massiv vol. III". The album comes in digiwallet version and the remix-cd in cardboard sleeve.

Infos about the album:The Cortex Zero Effect is the most varied album in Massiv in Mensch’s history. Powerful melodic style mix from Electronic-Pop, Synth ballads to EBM/Industrial tunes. Deep lyrics and organic sounds with classical intros (“The Way to Oblivion”, “Vajont”). Collaborations with “Endanger” and Reiner Schoene (famous german speaker of “Optimus Prime”).

Massiv in Mensch never take themselves too seriously and their incredible sense of humour appears on tracks like “Der Drops ist gelutscht”..
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Label's catalogue number:ad-hun-80-dcd
1.The Effect (Feat. Reiner Schöne)
2.The Way To Oblivion
3.Pop Corn
4.Das Modul Des Schreckens (Feat. Jessica Trelford)
5.Hello Hello
6.Ich Bau Dir Eine Pyramide
7.Friday Afternoon
8.Scharlatan (Feat. Rouven Walterowicz)
9.Der Drops Ist Gelutscht
13.Cortex Zero (Feat. Reiner Schöne)
14.The Way To Oblivion (Acoustic).
15.The Way To Oblivion (Clubmix By Andyk From Melotron)
16.Transformation 2013 (Feat. @vx And
17.I Love To Hate (Hertzinfarkt-Remix)
18.Against All Odds (Marc Shake-Remix)
19.Knochenschäler (Cover) (Original By Les Berrtas)
20.Intelligence (Cover) (Original By Ton Sur Ton)
21.Transformation Iv (Feat. @vx And
22.Eternal Dreams (Cover) (Original By Niño Cortez)
23.Radical Relevant (Mother Of The Night-Mix)
24.Green (Acoustical)
25.Friday Afternoon (Dj Le-Rav & Dj M.a.r.v. Remix)
26.Alone (Acoustical)
27.Und Dann Kamst Du (Remix) (Original By Wisdim)
28.Like A Star (Dj Nightflyer-Mix)
29.Against All Odds (Transformed)