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Massive Ego

"The New Normal (Limited Edition)"


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Release: February 2022
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Massive Ego - The New Normal (Limited Edition) CD

Massive Ego return with the 5 track EP THE NEW NORMAL. The new songs play to the bands’ strengths of what made their first album 'Beautiful Suicide’, a fan favourite. A return to form, characterised by catchy synth-pop melodies, and darker 80’s influences. YOU WILL COMPLY comment's on a pandemic weary society. FAKE STAR reflects on an ever-changing night sky where there are now more satellites in the sky than real stars. DEAD EYES BLACK brings the tempo back to the dance floor, with pulsating beats and lyrics that guide the listener down a solitary road of self-destruction. THE VAMPIRES WIFE gothic undertones exemplifies the eclectic nature of this EP, and NOT WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE delivers an acidic vocal delivery alongside harder beats.
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Label:Out Of Line
1.You Will Comply
2.Fake Star
3.Dead Eyes Black
4.The Vampires Wife
5.Not Without Consequence