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Release: 2016
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Mechanical Cabaret - Ortonesque CD

Heavy analog synths and Roi's interpretations of life, death, love and sex. Mechanical Cabaret's 6th and darkest album to date. Ortonesque is the latest release from London's Mechanical Cabaret. The darkest album to date, Roi and Steve offer their musical interpretations of the ultimately ridiculous human conditions of life, death, love and sex. Mechanical Cabaret use an array of analog synths to create the dark and melodic orchestrations and undertones that define this release. Standout track are Astral Rejection, Living Things, Guilty in Advance, and the previously released single, Sabrina.
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Label:WTII Records
1.Astral Rejection
2.Illegal Alien
3.Living Things
4.Without Wonder
5.Beautiful But Boring
6.Neither Her Nor There
7.Guilty In Advance
8.Ripped Red Sails
9.Protect & Survive