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Mechanical Moth

"Mirrors (Limited Edition)"


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Release: April 2021
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Mechanical Moth - Mirrors (Limited Edition) 2CD

Mechanical Moth almost approach their twentieth band anniversary, and on their seventh album “Mirrors”, they reflect their musical and personal development of the last years.Striving to create an innovative, yet familiar dark-electronic record, the band line-up has changed into a duo project as well.Ivy, who has provided lead vocals for the “Rebirth” album before, has returned for “Mirrors”.Her multi-creativity and unconventional, soulful voice offers Mechanical Moth a solidly dark, yet progressive timbre.

“Mirrors” is a conceptual double ...
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1.Stuck (Female)
2.La Petite Mort (Female)
3.Bad Thing (Female)
4.Wake Up (Female)
5.Animals (Female)
6.Pain With No Face (Female)
7.Coffing Gossip (Female)
8.Icetears (Female)
9.Undead On The Dancefloor (Female)
10.Extinction Theory (Female)
11.Home (Female)
12.Stuck (Male)
13.La Petite Mort (Male)
14.Bad Thing (Male)
15.Wake Up (Male)
16.Animals (Male)
17.Pain With No Face (Male)
18.Coffing Gossip (Male)
19.Icetears (Male)
20.Undead On The Dancefloor (Male)
21.Extinction Theory (Male)
22.Home (Male)