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"Concourse Ov Thee Forces"


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Release: 2012
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Medicide - Concourse Ov Thee Forces CD

Medicide is the experimental brainchild of Sid Sickness and Alex Death, a sonic attack from the restricted level of an underground proving facility devoted to testing weapons grade sounds and testing the fusion of sorcery and science to develop infernal technology. Medicide perform free-form, often jazz-like industrial music in a "live only" setting, using no computers, overdubs or additional mixing. An ever changing experiment, Medicide quickly evolved from industrial noise, easily dubbed "fu*king around", to progressive soundscapes that borrow heavily from darkwave and ethereal inspirations. They have been favorably compared to Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, Yes, Nico and Throbbing Gristle but strive to accomplish creating a unique sound that one cannot place a finger on.
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