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Mein GlasFabrik

"Exotic Percussion / Death TV - Recordings 1979-81"


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Release: November 2020
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Mein GlasFabrik - Exotic Percussion / Death TV - Recordings 1979-81 2LP

In the heart of Sheffield's electronic / industrial music scene of 1979, Peter Bargh and Mark Holmes created the experimental project Mein Glas Fabrik. This VOD release is a combination of their two cassette albums, recorded on simple equipment using tape loops, home made synths, samples, random radio frequencies and a legendary Shergold guitar. Death TV was favourably reviewed in local fanzine "Tigers on the Moor", Exotic Percussion followed soon after. While influenced by a wide spectrum of musical genres, Mein Glas Fabrik created a fusion of sounds, not adhering to any specific genre...expect the unexpected!
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Label:Vinyl On Demand
1.A 1 Consious / Achromatic
2.A 2 Population / Semen
3.A 3 Terminate / Refrigeration
4.A 4 Terminal / External
5.A 5 Block / Herauf
6.A 6 Rhythm / Internal
7.A 7 Eye / Dienst
8.B 1 The Fate Of Animals
9.A 1 So Who Iwns Death Tv?
10.A 2 Eye / Thee / Concious
11.A 3 Thee Stillest Hour
12.A 4 Babel On Every Hand
13.A 5 Time / Death / Dilutiond
14.A 6 Silence To Say Goodbye / Faith In Concrete
15.A 7 Crucification
16.A 8 Nothingness
17.A 9 Rise
18.A10 - Silence To Say Goodbye Ii
19.A11 - Follow
20.B 1 All Our Files Will Be Monumental (I)
21.B 2 All Our Files Will Be Monumental (Ii)
22.B 3 All Our Files Will Be Monumental (Iii)
23.B 4 All Our Files Will Be Monumental (Iv)
24.B 5 All Our Files Will Be Monumental (V)
25.B6 Death Tv / Rise