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"Beyond Wonderland"


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Release: 2013
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Meinhard - Beyond Wonderland CD

Adaptations of the children’s book classic “Alice In Wonderland” are a dime a dozen… good ones and bad ones. But what if someone would try to go just one step further and make the wonderland a reality? Meinhard, flamboyant rare bird and exceptional artist, takes us on a sonic journey “Beyond Wonderland” which is an experience so totally out of the ordinary that it is impossible to pigeonhole. Our protagonist is an outspoken activist for multiple personality rights and therefore not only embarks into the land of unlimited impossibilities himself, but also gleefully takes on the roles of all the wondrous characters that inhabit this parallel universe aplenty. His libertine and sharp-witted lyrics alternate between German and English like the ever-transforming smoke fumes of the enigmatic caterpillar while Meinhard’s music wildly to dances between genres to make Wonderland take shape. Co-produced by John Fryer (HIM, Nine Inch Nails and many more), “Beyond Wonderland” is a sonic chameleon that changes color just that very moment you think you can put your finger on it all: a histrionic dance with Medieval Rock merges into Eighties-style Synth-Pop-tunes that shape-shift into Electro-Swing-butterflies while Art Rock and Glam are flirting with Dark Wave. Meinhard is wonderfullyuniquelystrangelyirresistiblymad. Or, to quote Lewis Carroll: completely bonkers! But we’ll tell you a secret: all of the best people are! And in Wonderland, everyone is mad, anyhow. So: why worry? Let yourself be taken away… just let go!
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1.Beyond Wonderland
2.Mr.white Rabbit
5.Sea Of Tears
6.Caucus Race
8.Pig & Pepper
10.Mad As A Hatter
11.(Mock) Turtle
12.The Trial