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"Empty World"


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Release: June 2020
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Menschdefekt - Empty World CD

After six years of silence and ten years after the release of the debut "The Human Parasite" Menschdefekt has grown into a trio. Finally they are back with a new studio album about the depraved ways of humanity and the road towards destruction called "Empty World".

On their new studio album the band could round off their well known style. With slightly different electronic sounds from Nik and vocals from Fredrik Croona they got right back to their roots. By winning Tandrin from Mechanical Moth as guitarist they completed the Menschdefekt line-up discovering electric guitars as a great stylistic device for their music. One special treat is a track featuring Germany’s most famous forensic biologist Dr. Mark Benecke.

The result of this further development are nine brand new harsh yet melodic songs old and new fans can look forward to. Welcome to the new Menschdefekt - Enjoy the "Empty World“!
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1.Empty World
3.Freedom In Chains
9.Isolation (Feat. Dr. Mark Benecke)
10.Cursed (Ruined Conflict Remix)
11.Cursed (Frame Of Mind Remix)
12.Cursed (Reichsfeind Remix)
13.Cursed (X-Horize Club Mix)
14.Cursed (Bloodconnek7Ion Remix)
15.Cursed (Dv8R Remix)
16.Cursed (Vs. Borderland Remix) By Nine Seconds