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Mentallo & The Fixer

"Arrange The Molecule (limited)"


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Release: 2017
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Mentallo & The Fixer - Arrange The Molecule (limited) 2CD

With his new studio album “Arrange The Molecule”, Gary Dassing confirms the undisputed MENTALLO & THE FIXER’s sound singularity. The American artist once again locked himself in his bunker studio morphing himself into an extraordinary sound research alchemist, some kind of modern age shaman using his machines to push the listeners to their ultimate limits.

With its title taken from the line “Blessed Art Thou Who Arrange the Molecule”, this album is an open piece of art built on spiritual / scientific analogies, leaving the listener to choose how to perceive it.

While its predecessor “Music From ...
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.Just What I Had Been Missing
2.The Moment You Realize....
3.Fire Flies And The Full Moon Sky
4.Bad Trip On A Broken Heart
6.Methodical Damage
7.Miracle In The Medicine Cabinet
8.The Moment U Realize {Nite Version}
9.A Lot Like The Truth
10.Neurons Firing
11.Giving In, Life & Limb
12.Treat It Like A Loaded Gun
13.Bad Friend
14.Eather Mix {Remix Medly}
15.Shadow Of My Former Self {7" Akira Mix}
16.Complete Loss Of Reality {Schizo Mix}
17.Russian Roulette With A Research Chemical
18.Prisoner In My Own Bathroom
19.The Moment You Realize/silent Takeover
20.Metaphysical Agents {Chrysalis Mix}
21.Metaphysical Agents {Antigen}
22.Beautiful Goodbye
23.Stickman In The Static
24.Bad Trip On A Broken Heart {Extended Remix}
25.Miracle In The Medicine Cabinet 2
26.Gammera {Nite Version}
27.Bad Friend {4:20 Thug Version}