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Mentallo & The Fixer

"Music From The Eather"


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Release: 2012
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Mentallo & The Fixer - Music From The Eather 2CD

Mentallo & The Fixer's silent isolation period is definitely over. After having delivered in 2012 a massive special 4-disc box set collection of good old unreleased material from the band's early period, Gary Dassing now announces his studio album entitled 'Music From The Eather'. Basically keeping the theme developed on the last conceptual 'Enlightenment Through A Chemical Catalyst' album, dealing with higher or altered states of consciousness-experiences Gary Dassing has personally gone through.

'Music From The Eather' is ...
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InfraRot item number:2011.968
Label:Alfa Matrix
Label's catalogue number:AM1186DCD
1.Disturbing The Priest
2.Metaphysical Agents
3.Warrior Within
4.Prelude To A Plateshift
5.Holywar In My Head
6.Untapped Regions
7.Watching The Stars Fall
8.Shadow Of My Former Self
9.Penicillin For The Soul
10.Wandering Off In The Dark
11.Becoming The Candle Light (Defining Moment)
12.Sensory Illusion Destroyed
13.First Flower
14.Riding The Razors Edge
15.Perma Fried
16.Sensory Illusion Destroyed (Equivica Mix)
17.Shaking, Seizures And Aftereffects
18.Frankenstein Molecule
19.Chakras And Studdering
20.Beginning Of The End
21.Perma Fried (Tantric Mix)
22.Occult Genetic Code
23.Amigdula Sharp Bender
24.Shadow Of My Former Self (Ego Shredder)
25.Complete Loss Of Reality
26.Clairity Of Perception
27.Shortcut To Selfharm
28.Dark Perceptions Unfolding
29.Everything Went Wrong
30.My Night Under The Crushing Mattress
31.Untapped Regions (A New Alloy Blooms In The Crucible)