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Merciful Nuns

"Anomaly X"


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Release: 2018
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Merciful Nuns - Anomaly X CD

The MERCIFUL NUNS’ final album concludes a memorable journey through time, space and the unseen. Like its predecessors ANOMALY explores the hidden mysteries, encouraging the listener to engage with the subject matter on levels beyond the obvious. Impressive in its artistic execution; as we have come to expect from the NUNS’ mastermind Artaud Seth, the album’s lyrical content reveals insights gained from years of fastidious study and testament to Artaud’s meticulous approach to his creations.

NEO ALPHA GENESIS opens with ...
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Label:Solar Lodge
1.Neo Alpha Genesis
2.Golden Dawn
4.Blue Lodge
5.On The Square
6.Anomaly (Part 1: Moon Water - Part 2: Crack In The Universe)
7.The Pyramid