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Merciful Nuns

"Genesis Revealed EP"


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Release: 2012
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Merciful Nuns - Genesis Revealed EP MCD

Currently no other band celebrates authentic Goth like Merciful Nuns. Those fortunate enough to have experienced a gig of the band featuring the Master of Ceremonies Artaud will remain captivated by the aura surrounding this band for all time. Merciful Nuns are nothing less than a revelation in music and will possibly remain unsurpassed for the forseeable future. Whether it be "Genesis Revealed", a virtuous mid-tempo song which develops into a driven Goth smash hit, or "Enlightenment" with its strong focus on rhythm, or indeed the atmospheric ballad "All days are black" - Merciful Nuns effortlessly command every aspect of this genre and continue to surpass themselves each and every time.

Traditional Goth Rock brilliantly produced ...
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Label:Solar Lodge
2.Genesis Revealed
3.All Days Are Black