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Merciful Nuns



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Release: 2011
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Merciful Nuns - XIBALBA III CD

The Underworld, a place of fear, segmented into nine planes and ruled by 21 Lords. Artaud Seth, Jawa Seth and Jon take us on a descent into this unreal world. After the debut album 'Lib.1' and its follow up 'Hypogeum II' released earlier this year, the third long player of the Merciful Nuns is now available: 'Xibalba III'. Completely unphased by trends and inclination for ingratiation to the listener Artaud Seth in his role as mastermind behind the Merciful Nuns continues to traverse his chosen musical path. Traditional Gothic Rock produced brilliantly not only in the context of present demands but quite simply seminal for timeless great music.

Goth as a mixture of ...
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Label:Solar Lodge
Label's catalogue number:SL010
1.The Prophecy
3.Dark Trails
4.Year Zero
5.Ancient Astronauts
6.Dwellings Of Gods
7.The Return
8.In Between Worlds