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"Only Better"


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Release: 2021
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Mesh - Only Better MCD

3 years after their latest "We Collide" album, Mesh return with "Only Better", the pre-release 5-tracks single to the album "A Perfect Solutio". Mesh have become harder, dirtier, and darker than we have become accustomed to. The former synth-pop heroes are not afraid to break from convention and make use of guitars either, which will likely raise some eyebrows, particularly on the exclusive B-side "Shattered Glass". Both songs are perfect previews to the style on the new album! Includes also a remix by Kloq!
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1.Only Better (Gritty Version)
2.Only Better (Club Version)
3.Shattered Glass
4.Only Better (Alien6 Mix)
5.Everything I Made (Kloq Remix)