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Michael Bundt

"Electri City"


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Release: 2017
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Michael Bundt - Electri City LP + CD

Re-release of the 1980 album (Blubber Lips). Having played his way through the 1970s in various rock combos (Medusa, Nine Days’ Wonder), Michael Bundt embarked on a solo career in the latter part of the decade, going on to release three albums which saw him explore the vast potential of electronic music. Delightfullly varied and typical of his willingness to experiment, his music orbits around Krautrock, Berlin School electronica, spacefuturism and synth pop. Electri City was his last album.
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Label:Bureau B
1.Full Steam Ahead
2.Lunatic Love Song
3.Terrania (Electri City)
4.Android’S Wedding
5.March Of The Martians
7.Tower Of Osc.