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Midnight Configuration

"The Unquiet Void"


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Release: 2010
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Midnight Configuration - The Unquiet Void CD

Midnight Configuration have always defied categorisation. They have always flouted musical and social conventions, rather going after their own vision and dancing to the beat of their own particular drum.

This album is the distilled essence of what makes this band tick. It is a journey through the ideas and motivations of the band and takes the listener to some very dark places indeed. In fact, at times, 'the veil' between the worlds is somewhat thin and one wonders if the music is the magical catalyst that enables the transformation of our world to's 3am, a souls' midnight and the void of darkness and beyond is at its closest and is indeed 'Unquiet'.
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InfraRot item number:2007.526
Label's catalogue number:night058
2.Unholy Beat
3.Cauldron Of Madness
4.Unexplained Phenomena
5.This Girl's Like Radiation
6.Souls Carnival
7.Something About England
8.The Watching Others
9.Cold Pantomime
10.The Shallow Hand Of Fate
11.Carnival Of Souls
14.The Sirens Of Time
15.The Winds Of Limbo