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Miel Noir



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Release: 2017
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Miel Noir - Honey-Beat CD

Dark Folk, Darkwae, EBM, Minimal electro. MIEL NOIR is the project of DIMO DIMOV (known for his work with SVARROGH, ALLERSEELEN, FAHL, STURMPERCHT and more) and MARCEL P. (known for his work with ALLERSEELEN, SAGITTARIUS, FAHL, SVARROGH and more). The duo is once again aided by Gerhard Hallstatt of ALLERSEELEN and 3 female vocalists already known from the last album. In addition to working with MIEL NOIR, Fräulein König and Lisa have worked with acts like ALLERSEELEN, SAGITTARIUS and FAHL whereas Fay R. and Estella Plunkett recently finished recordings for ALLERSEELEN.The 18-track album covers a number of styles, ranging from dark electro/EBM and minimal electro to martial neoclassic, from rhythmic industrial to melodic darkwave and gothic rock. The CD comes with a beautifully designed 8-page booklet in a clear tray case. It is the follow-up to the widely recognized albums Honey & Ash (Steinklang 2011) and From the Ashes (Indiestate 2015). Incl. 3 remixes by Insect Plasma, Deadlights and Winterhart (DANCE OR DIE!)
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Label:Caustic Records
1.Wake Up
3.Not Sorry
4.End Of The Line
5.Honig-Traum (2016)
6.What I Want
8.What Once Was Lost
9.Honey Offering (Demeter´s March)
11.Die Leere
12.Schwarzer Honig (2016)
13.The Legend Of St.aambrose
14.What It Was
15.Wake Up (Winterhart Remix)
16.Triggerwarning (Insect Plasma Remix)
17.Duldungsstarre (Deadlights Remix)
18.Honey Apocalypse