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"The Face of God"


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Release: July 2019
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Militia - The Face of God CD

This album was first released directly by the band in a special Boxed edition of which only very few copies was made available.OEC is re-editing that CD album in a 6 panels digipak and this will be the only available format from now on as the band stopped releasing the special boxed edition!Limited edition of 300 copies.

The Face of God" contains ...
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Label:Old Europa Café
1.An Atheist Statement
2.The Immaculate Conception Of Lies
3.Thank You Oh Lord
4.God Is A Dicta
5.God Is A Dictator (Part 1)
8.God's Face
9.Necronomicon - The Beast 666
10.The Pentagram
11.Calling All Atheists
12.God Is A Dictator (Part Two)