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"A Mist And A Vapor"


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Release: 2014
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Millipede - A Mist And A Vapor CD

"over the last few years millipede has been subtly stretching boundaries within the myriad soundscapes its music has come to include. while so many electronic artists spend the lion's share of their time amping up the listener's heartbeat using effects and tricks akin to modern horror film shock tactics, millipede's sound is considerably more graceful by comparison. it's patient in its fluidity and timing, able to take the listener on a journey where actual beginnings, climaxes, and endings are clearly defined. all the while, millipede keeps things exciting by weaving ear candy that sounds at once harsh, but fascinating." (kriss stress / notes and bolts)

millipede's recent release 'a mist ...
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1.Islands Of Perelandra
2.Nothing Certain
4.Wither Away
5.A Hole In The Shape Of You
6.In The Blink Of An Eye
8.A Moment Of Clarity
10.For Now
11.Living With Ghosts