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"The Very Best Of Fixes & Remixes"



Release: March 2017
Status: Sold out
Ministry - The Very Best Of Fixes & Remixes CD

On the heels of Al Jourgensen’s triumphant return to the stage and studio with Relapse comes this collection of rare mixes and versions to feed your industrial metal addiction!

Features exclusive remixes by Powerman 5000, Leæther Strip, Alexis K, & Razed In Black PLUS covers of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” & “Paint It Black” released here on CD for the first time!
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1.Every Day Is Halloween (2010 Version)
2.Jesus Built My Hotrod (Powerman 5000 Remix)
3.Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
4.Every Day Is Halloween (Razed In Black Remix)
5.Thunderstruck (Electro Remix)
6.N.w.o. (2010 Version)
7.Stigmata (Psychopomps Remix)
8.Every Day Is Halloween (Alexis K Dubstep Remix)
9.Khyber Pass (2010 Version)
10.Stigmata (Implant Remix)
11.Every Day Is Halloween (Leæther Strip Remix)
12.Jesus Built My Hotrod (2010 Version)
13.Paint It Black
14.Stigmata (Angelspit Industrial Remix)
15.Every Day Is Halloween (Original Version)