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Minuit Machine

"24 (Limited PINK Edition)"


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Release: November 2022
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Minuit Machine - 24 (Limited PINK Edition) LP

Limited Edition of strictly 250 copies!

An electronic masterpiece, subtle mix of dark wave, techno and electropop, “24” is both sur- prising and seductive. Authentic, emotional and powerful, “24” is a real immersion into Minuit Machine’s dark, dystopian and futuristic world. Through this album, Hélène and Amandine are facing all obstacles and disappointments life brings on their way. Each track is a self-affirmation, a rallying cry and an urge to live. The instrumental part is clearly marked and contributes to create the band’s unique sound. The strong beats are a call to dance while the synths, stabbing and emotional, will definitely move you. Finally, the deep basses give the tracks an “EBM” touch. Vocal lines are more pop, with less reverb. They are meant to obsess and stay in your head all day long. They were thought of as a 90's dance music chorus, but with feelings
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Label:Synth Religion