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Minuit Machine

"Don’t run from the Fire (Limited Edition)"


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Release: November 2020
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Minuit Machine - Don’t run from the Fire (Limited Edition) CD

“Don't run from the Fire” is Minuit Machine's 4th official physical release, and their first physical ‘EP’ ever (“Blue Moon” was a digital-only EP). It features 4 ALL NEW recordings, especially written and recorded for this limited release that is destined to be sold out fast! One year and a half after coming back from a 3-year hiatus, Minuit Machine keeps on trans- forming and evolving. From synth wave to dark electronic, the duo re-asserts its hybrid identity, always dark wave but with strong touches of techno and EBM!
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Label:Synth Religion
1.Don't Run From The Fire
3.Lovers Of The Night
4.To Control