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Minuit Machine

"Violent Rains"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Minuit Machine - Violent Rains CD

Minuit Machine is a synthwave French duo created in the summer of 2013.It has been described as the perfect match between Hélène de Thoury synthe*c dark sounds, and Amandine S*oui’s deep vocals, like a delicate darkwave hand in a crushed velvet coldwave glove.Violent Rains, their second LP aGer “Live & Destroy”, describes with melodies and words our inner fights, our hopes and delusions, our strengths and weaknesses.It is a subtle alliance of Hélène’s and Amandine’s music influences. From dark wave to synth pop, from cold wave to electronic rock, each track has its own flavor, and tells its own story.Violent rains, which put out our blazing souls, violent rains which sweep away everything in their path and leave us devastated.
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Label:Genetic Music
1.June 7 04:15
2.Battles 03:54
4.Black Is My Anger 04:24
6.Inner Self
7.The Earth
8.Honey 03:32
9.Famous Or Dead
10.She Devil (2015 Remix)