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"Disturbia (Limited Edition)"


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Release: January 2018
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Mirland/Larsen - Disturbia (Limited Edition) CD

Limited edition of STRICTLY 300 copies, in ecopack

Electro meets industrial meets Leֲæther Strip meets Mirland meets Am Tierpark!

A new take on dark electronic music from John R. Mirland and Claus Larsen The constellation of John R. Mirland (Mirland, Holm/Mirland) and Claus Larsen (Leæther Strip, Klutæ) is usually known for the highly acclaimed work as Electropop duo Am Tierpark. This time they are out to claim new territory as Mirland/Larsen presents "Disturbia" - a collection of intense, high octane aggressive, dark and yet harmonic tracks inspired by personal frustration, pain and a world quickly going to Hell.
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2.And They Sing About Anger
3.Hurt Machine
4.Their World
5.Berlin Bill
6.Empty Eyes
7.Death Mask
8.Destroy Everything