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"Come Closer"


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Release: 2008
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Moctan - Come Closer CD

With this CD Andreas Glöckner joins the Ant-Zen racing team for a second time - perpetuating what began years before and what was perfected with "Suspect". Still the target Moctan has set is visible: creating a unique synthesis of atmosphere, aggression and rhythm. After starting with the comparatively silent "here and now", moctan increases speed and activates the supercharger on the subsequent tracks - making you move, just as intended. Titles like "Come Closer" and "A New Day" slow down the pace for a well needed pit stop by using dark synths and ceremonial voices which create a hypnotic trance - only to be followed by pulsing floor burners like "Long Distance Runner" and "Deja Vu". After having endured the abrasive noise attack of "Overkill" the listener will reach the finish line with the heavily grooved remixes by Asche and Bipol. Once again, Moctan has created a perfect balance between hard technoid dance tracks with an industrial feel and disturbing soundscapes - all overlaid with a multitude of unsettling, fierce samples.
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1.Here And Now
2.Plains Civilized Men
4.The Survivor
5.Come Closer
6.Long Distance Runner
7.The Wicked Electric
8.A New Day
9.Missing In Action
10.Deja Vu
12.Acid Human
13.Justify Yourself
14.Plastic Error Mind (Asche Rmx)
15.Amok (Bipol Rmx)