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Release: 2013
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Monica Richards - Kindred CD

Monica Richards' 'Kindred' is her most personal album yet, songs written for all the kindred spirits in her life. Included in every song are animal and natural sounds she recorded from her current backyard, which borders a nature preserve and creek. Monica lives next to the second largest bat colony in Austin, TX - which is featured in the sounds of the song "Under the Bridge". Monica: "Sounds on 'Kindred' include bats, cicadas, frogs, tortoise taps, different kinds of birds, wing patterns, thunder, rain… Some of the beats on the record are actually sampled wing flaps or steps, sounds I recorded and played around with. It's a quirky, loving tribute to all the loves of my life, almost every song was inspired by one of the animals in my life."There's also a wistful retro feel to this album when it incorporates old school electronica, and Monica uses her voice more as an instrument on some songs, letting her vocals weave within the layers of the music. Monica: "Though this CD was really done by me alone, I was able to get some great help from friends. Justin Stephens mixed a few key songs, including my jazzy recreation of the Faith and the Muse-song, 'Sparks'. Steve Niles helped me write 'Gil's Theme', which makes a great driving soundtrack as well as 'Undulatos Esperatus'. Caroline Jago (bass/strings) and Lesley Malone (percussion) sent me wonderful tracks for 3 songs while the brilliant Paul Mercer is featured on 'Kindred' and 'Let You Go'. I was able to get some classic cello work from Marzia Rangel for the opening piece, 'Kindred'. But I have one special guest I am very pleased about…" In fact Monica's cat, Penelope, plays piano on the album... and fans of her early band Strange Boutique will be thrilled to know that bassist Steve Willett wrote a song with Monica for this new album!
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2.Under The Bridge
4.Undulatos Esperatus
5.The Bird And The Snake
7.50 Euro Boy
9.Let You Go
10.Lalala Song
11.Gil's Theme
12.Sparks (Redux)
13.The Enchanted Mirror