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"Human Farming"


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Release: 2014
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Mono-Amine - Human Farming CD

'this album is about freedom and perseverance. but also about awareness of the situation which we have managed to evolve our own species into. i encounter on a daily basis that the average person in this timeframe sleepwalks through life, never questioning anything and swallowing everything that governments, mainstream media, religion and next of kin monopolise as the truth. it pisses me off and because creating music is my way of staying sane and being able to cope with this reality, i present to you: human farming, an, adventurous, energetic and intense musical mindfuck without compromise.' mono-amine

right after finishing his last ...
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1.01 Human Farming
2.02 Time For A Revolution
3.03 Shutdown The Farm
4.04 Expand Your Awareness
5.05 Perfection Is
6.Not Just About Control
7.06 Like Any Other Form Of Livestock
8.07 Do You Understand
9.08 Wake Up
10.09 Unjustified Violence
11.10 The Illusion Of Freedom