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Mono Inc.

"After The War (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2012
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Mono Inc. - After The War (Limited Edition) CD + DVD

What goes through your mind when you hear the word 'Mono'? Stereo? That would be far too simple. No, the name of the Hamburg-based band fronted by Martin Engler derives from the term 'Monomania' which is a medical term from the early 1900s and means 'partially insane'. Whoever is set alight by the band's musical fireworks - which the band definitely ignites live - will ask 'Why only partially insane?' After all, in the past year Mono Inc. have invaded the scene in a way that could be called 'complete insanity'. After hearing the hits 'Get some Sleep' and 'Voices Of Doom', every last dark soul knows the music of the three gentlemen and the lady at the drums...

In spring 2010 the band ...
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1.My Worst Enemy
2.No More Fear
3.After The War
4.Wave No Flag
6.In The End
7.From The Ashes
9.My Songs Wear Black
11.The Long Way Home
12.After The War [Video]