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Mono Inc.

"Nimmermehr (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2013
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Mono Inc. - Nimmermehr (Limited Edition) CD + DVD

This special limited edition comes in digipak and includes an EXCLUSIVE 10-tracks DVD (Region Code ‘0’), featuring two official Videoclips for the album, plus some of the most popular songs by the band, recorded live during last year’s ‘After the War’ tour.

Infos about the album:Monomania, a term from the psychiatric nosology of the early 19th Century, was once (2003) the template for naming the Hamburger Rock-Band MONO INC. and means as much as delusional individual, in contrast to the complete madness.

10 years later, MONO INC. ...
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1.Heile, Heile Segen
3.My Deal With God
4.Kein Weg Zu Weit
6.Alles Was Bleibt
7.The Clock Ticks On
8.A Better Way To Die
10.Days Like This
11.Ich Teile Dich Nicht
13.Kein Weg Zu Weit (Video)
14.My Deal With God (Video)
15.Viva Hades (Video/live)
16.Arabia (Video/live)
17.Tired Of The Day (Video/live)
18.Temple Of The Torn (Video/live)
19.In My Heart (Video/live)
20.Get Some Sleep (Video/live)
21.From The Ashes (Video/live)
22.Voices Of Doom (Video/live)