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Mono Inc.

"Nimmermehr (Tour Edition)"


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Release: 2013
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Mono Inc. - Nimmermehr (Tour Edition) CD

Limited Deluxe edition in Ecol-Book! After their sensational Top 3 chart entry with NIMMERMEHR all new friends of MONO INC. can now get a record with 5 additional EXCLUSIVE tracks featuring collaborations with five of the biggest Goth rock artists friends from Germany! Artist friends who have been on tour with MONO INC. or will be like: SALTATIO MORTIS, LORD OF THE LOST, UNZUCHT, THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA and A LIFE DIVIDED have each refined one of their favorite monomaniac songs. Have a listen!
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1.Heile, Heile Segen
3.My Deal With God
4.Kein Weg Zu Weit
6.Alles Was Bleibt
7.The Clock Ticks On
8.A Better Way To Die
10.Days Like This
11.Ich Teile Dich Nicht
13.Seligkeit (Mono Inc. & Saltatio Mortis)
14.Viva Hades (Mono Inc. & Unzucht)
15.The Last Waltz (Mono Inc. & A Life Divided)
16.Avalon (Mono Inc. & The Beauty Of Gemina)
17.In My Darkest Hours (Mono Inc. & Lord Of The Lost)