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Release: 2019
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Mono No Aware - Mujoo CD

Impermanence, the need for change: A fundamental philosophical issue is the main theme for MONO NO AWARE’s 7th album. Thus, “Mujoo” adds new aspects to the established Mono sound: His archetypal raw and relent- less rhythm’n’noise sound at times makes way for a variety of sonic textures, a genre-bending effort embracing more technoid and more experimental and atmospheric realms at the same time. And the choice of remixers couldn’t be more appropriate with HYPNOSKULL and CUBIC NOMAD both being spearheads of just that sound that combines the rough and noisy foun- dations of industrial with highly energetic and addictive rhythm work. Nothing lasts forever, but Mono No Aware has secured a newfound balance and an artistic outlook to go places!
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1.Isx 27
2.In Endless Change
3.Impulse Response
5.In A Large Room
6.Is It Legal?
7.It’S Over
8.A Good Decision
10.Don’T Crash
11.It’S Over (Hypnoskull Remix)
12.Impulse Response (Cubic Nomad Remix)
13.Oh Boy
15.Not My Party
16.In A Loop