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"Control the Game… Regain Control!"


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Release: 2014
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Monospore - Control the Game… Regain Control! CD

CD contains 12 tracks and 1 bonustrack, 3 additional remixes by Haujobb, Steinkind & Leæther StripIncluding 16 pages colour booklet.Monospore´s debut album “Control the game…Regain control” is out now in a limited edition.The album contains 12 track 1 bonus track and 3 exclusive remixes from Leæther strip, Haujobb and Steinkind.Monospore is a Danish based band formed in the fall of 2009. Members and founders of the band are Jannik Vittrup and Søren Brandstrup. Monospore's music is straight forward hard and hard pumping industrial traits and yet danceable. With beats on one side, and catchy sequences as well as gothic and electro-punk elements on the other. The sound universe is dark, the lyrics is the result of 2 dark minds and Monospore´s powerful vocals are as well an unmistakable trait of the duo. Jannik´s deep distorted and very aggressive vocals are an unmistakable Monospore trademark.Monospore has appeared on several compilations, such as “in praise of the fallen vol. 7”, “Digital Recovery vol. 3”, “Cyberworld XX” and Bunker tracks vol. 6 from Alfa matrix records. Monospore has contributed with remixes to Leæther Strip on ‘Yes I’m Limited VI’ and Totem Obscure vs. Acylum on ‘Forgotten Time(Deluxe Edition)’.
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1.Pick It Up
3.New World Order
5.Follow Us
6.Old Sins
7.Strapped Tied
8.Forget You
9.Get Out
13.Blue Haze (Bonus Track)
14.New World Order (Haujobb Remix)
15.Pick It Up (Steinkind Blutzeit Remix)
16.Old Sins (Leæther Strip Remix)