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Release: 2018
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Monstergod - Invictus CD

Style: Electro-dark, industrialElectro-dark and industrial at its best is the most suitable definition to describe the music ofMonstergod. Their ardently desired reappearance represents an unmissable opportunity to knowhow fervent is the creativity of this power-duo, through the t12 songs included in the new album.Synthetic and predominantly midtempo drumming, sequenced segments, cold keyboards, hard,obscure vocals and, occasionally, distorted guitars, fill the sound of an immersive melodism thatwill amaze you.Invictus" is a great full-lenght, created with meticulousness and with the absolute certainty that itwill reach its goal: enter your minds and stay in them for a very long time. This is the soundtrackfor authentic natural born electro fans!
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Label:Space Race Records
1.Silence In Violence (Feat. Void)
2.The Living Torch
3.Miss Kiss
4.It Rains In My Heart (Feat. Egoist)
6.Complete And Bored (Feat. D'and Raf Zaremba)
8.God Lay Dead (Feat. Kr-Lik And Sin Quirin)
9.Fire And Ice
10.Annabel Lee
11.We Are Monsters
12.Take It Outside