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Moon Far Away

"Celebrate! (limited)"


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Release: 2018
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Moon Far Away - Celebrate! (limited) Single/7

Strictly limited 7"!“Celebrate!” is the second vinyl 7” EP piloting the upcoming full-length album of the maskedheroes of Russian ritual neofolk. The title song has been waiting to be released for quite awhile; to record this (different) version, MFA joined forces with two of their old friends:The legendary Tony Wakeford did the vocals on one of the verses; Caroline Jago (SOLINVICTUS, SEVENTH HARMONIC) put her favorite bass guitar aside to play her part oncymbals. This neofolk anthem is a dedication to fellow musicians (both gone and still livingyet separated by geographical and geopolitical borders) and to all those sharing a commoninterest in the true tradition now that the signs of the End Times are becoming more andmore real. The B-side is a studio version of “Steel, Light, Love”, the band’s new live hit. The track willremain exclusive and will not make it to onto the new album.
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1.A1 Celebrate (Feat. Tony Wakefod, Caroline Jago [Sol Invictus]
2.B1 Steel Light Love