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Release: 2016
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Mordacious - Sinister:Harvest CD

„Sinister:Harvest“ an album title as dark as the world we live in. Fifteen new harsh electro songs fired onto your dance floor! Hard hitting industrial sounds, pumping electro beats and mind-blowing lead sounds are the trademark of the new „Mordacious“ album „Sinister:Harvest“. The distorted voice of mastermind „Mordacious“ finds its way directly into your brain. Music for the harsh generation somewhere in between the power of "Funker Vogt" and the depth of „Suicide Commando“. His massive US touring made the „Mordacious“ fanbase grow constantly within the last years. As a cooperation with Infacted Recordings „Mordacious“ already presents his fifth official album release to date! As a special bonus the album features three remixes by "God Module", "Machines on Blast" and „BlutKraft“ and was once more mastered by Jan Loamfield at the X-Fusion Music Production studios in germany!
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2.Evil One
3.Not Your Heaven
4.The End Of Pain
5.Bleed Out
6.The Forgotten
7.In Your Nightmares
8.Pain In Your Eyes
10.Sinxstr (Club Edit)
11.Flesh Grinder (God Module Remix)
12.Good Little Slave ( Machines On Blast Remix)
13.Sinxstr (Blutkraft Remix)
14.Flesh Grinder (Thornsectide Remix)
15.Good Little Slave (Chameleon Remix)