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Morthem Vlade Art

"In the blue Plains of Paradise (Limited Edition)"


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Release: December 2020
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Morthem Vlade Art - In the blue Plains of Paradise (Limited Edition) CD

Re-release, for the first time on CD, of their band’s ‘comeback’ album, released on VINYL only exactly 2 years ago. ‘In the blue…’ was the duo’s first new album in 14 years, and on here the two musicians look back on some long years, shared between the works of solo/side- Projects IN BROKEN ENGLIGH and HNN and a successful live tour with Trisomie 21. We find all the ingredients, for which the band is famous for: clear influences from early stages of Christian Death, evolutions in sound that remind of David Bowie, bits and pieces from Tones on Tail to legendary Cocteau Twins – it’s all there! Listen to the track below and you’ll enjoy the AMAZING song writing quality, paired with an extremely fine-tuned production. The cover painting from Finnish artist Minna Sjöholm com- pletes this precious and rare (300 only!) piece of art! A true masterpiece!
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1.A Dog's Pain
2.Too Long Winter
3.His Stripped Suit
4.Krung Thep
5.If I Drew My Cards
6.Out Of Sight
7.The Tall Grass
8.The Fog
9.Geometric Figures
10.Down In The City