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Most Significant Beat

"Música Y Electrónica"


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Release: 2008
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Most Significant Beat - Música Y Electrónica 2CD

MSB was born in 1991 as a project formed by Saverio Evangelista (member of Esplendor Geometrico since 1992) and Maurizio Martinucci (Tez). Their published records have been sold out for many years: several maxis, an album "Electrons at Work" (Apocalyptic Vision) and other two shared works: "Control Remoto 1.0" with Esplendor Geométrico and "Control Remoto 2.0" (with Dose Zero). At last Geometrik releases a double CD that on one hand includes more than one hour of unreleased material (13 tracks) recorded between 1998 and 2004 , and on the other hand contains a selection of the best MSB tracks selected by themselves: 33 tracks in total. MSB music is based on rythms and electronic sound, sometimes being pure Industrial, and other times being nearer to elektro, new minimal electronica, or ambient techno. MSB continue their work while at the same time have developed their solo carreers. Maurizio is now working in an ambitious audio-visual project named Optofonica together with avantgarde electronic musicians as prestigious as Frank Bretschneider, Scanner, or Francisco López. Saverio Evangelista has an album published in Hands label, and another together with the Industrial legend Maurizio Bianchi published in Japan.
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