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Mr. Jones Machine

"De Manbleka Tingen/Elektricitet"


Release: 2011
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Mr. Jones Machine - De Manbleka Tingen/Elektricitet Single/7

Super limited edition of strictly 300 copies only! Mr Jones Machine is for sure one of the most celebrated electronic/synthpop acts to come from Sweden. With soldout shows all over Scandinavia and with a very loyal local fanbase, the band has become extremely popular in Northern Europe.

'De Mänblekta Tingen' is a duett with Swedish 80:ies icon Susie Päivirinta from the cult-duo Lili & Susie famous worldwide for their 80:ies hit 'Oh Mama'. The B-Side is totally exclusive for this limited edition collector's release and is sort of a 'tribute' to the famous, very first OMD Single ('Electricity'). It's not a cover-version, but a very own Mr. Jones track, with BIG inspiration from the legendary OMD song though!
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1.De Mänbleka Tingen (Feat. Susie)