InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Mucky Pup

"Alive & Well"


Release: 1994
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Mucky Pup - Alive & Well CD

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InfraRot item number:2260.019
Label:S.P.V. Recordings
1.Intro [Live]
2.Hippies Hate Water [Live]
3.Three Sides [Live]
4.Band Introduction [Live]
5.Deja Vu [Live]
6.Summertime [Live]
7.Baby [Live]
8.Such A Surge [Live]
9.Junkie Eyes [Live]
10.Green Jelly Sux [Live]
11.Three Little Pigs [Live]
12.Skinheads [Live]
13.PTL (Intro) [Live]
14.PTL [Live]
15.E.V.S. Says Hi [Live]
16.E.V.S. Is God [Live]
17.Batman [Live]
18.Bass Solo [Live]
19.U Stink But I Love You [Live]
20.Soupy Goes Off [Live]
21.Outro [Live]
22.Skinheads Demo [Live]
23.Darling Nikki [Live]
24.Nothing Can Come Between Us [Live]