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Museum of Devotion

"Another Cold Wave"


Release: 2014
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Museum of Devotion - Another Cold Wave MCD

In 2012, emerging from a career hiatus of 20+ years, the band re-united with the principal line-up of the beginning and started to work on new material with the same Coldwave attitude of the late 80s. Despite the band’s absence from the scene, their relevance remains, as proved by tracks such as "Canary in a Cathouse" and "Devotion", that continu to be on regular spin rotation by DJs across Europe and the USA in the gothic rock and Darkwave scenes.

In January of 2014, Museum of Devotion released a music video for their 1990 single, “Slomo” on YouTube. The footage was shot in 1990 in preparation for the music video, but their record label, Lively Arts, and it's parent, New Rose Records, folded before the video was completed. The band recovered the footage and released it on Youtube, 24 years after the project was started.

In February of 2014, Museum of Devotion digitally released the "Another Cold Wave" EP which is a return to their darkwave roots. Infrastition now produced the physical version of this EP, coming in a nice digipak.
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