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"Martyr Shrapnel (Limited Edition)"


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Release: June 2023
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Muslimgauze - Martyr Shrapnel (Limited Edition) CD

Written, played, and recorded by Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze from 1996 to 1998.Mastering by Yuriy Bulychev.Design by Zavoloka. Photography & production by Dmytro Fedorenko.

Shrapnel and destroyed machine-gun cartridge were kindly provided by Maryna Fedorenko and Georgiy Potopalsky.
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1.Analog Zikr 1
2.Analog Zikr 2
3.Analog Zikr 3
4.Analog Zikr 4
5.Analog Zikr 5
6.Analog Zikr 6
7.Palestina Cache 1
8.Palestina Cache 2
9.Palestina Cache 3
10.Palestina Cache 4
11.Palestina Cache 5
12.Martyr Shrapnel 1
13.Martyr Shrapnel 2
14.Martyr Shrapnel 3